Leader: Countess Tara Campbell
Quote: “In the name of Devlin Stone, we will survive.”

Legate of Northwind before the current troubles began, Countess Campbell is
horrified by how quickly the common people of Prefecture III have forgotten all
the Republic of the Sphere did for their prosperity and protection. More, they
seem to have forgotten Devlin Stone and the high ideals he espoused. Her
disgust is compounded tenfold toward the other leaders in the Prefecture, who
should be setting an example, not letting their avarice lead them astray.

Her dismay is centered on ex-Prefect Katana Tormark, whom Tara served
under in the past and respected for years. When Tormark was offered a
Knighthood but refused, Campbell was torn between hero worship and horror.
Though she has no real ambition for personal power, she’s convinced that
only she can keep the Prefecture from sliding into anarchy. She has thus
stepped up to fill Katana’s shoes in the Republic post Katana abandoned
when she founded the Dragon’s Fury. Countess Campbell has now called
upon all who remain loyal to the memory of Devlin Stone and the Republic to
stand against the falling darkness.

Using the Republic Army forces in the immediate Prefectures as her base,
Campbell began expanding her troops via volunteers and militia forces. She is
clearly biding her time until larger elements of the Republic’s army can be
mobilized and assist her in holding together the Great Experiment. Given our
own difficulties in doing the same within House Kurita, our analysts do not
anticipate that Countess Campbell will receive much help any time soon.

Military Details:
       Elite Unit: First Kearny
       Motto: "Our Legacy Is Our Sword"

The First Kearny Highlanders are the heirs of a military tradition that stretches
back more than fifteen centuries — a history unmatched by any other Inner
Sphere regiment currently in service. From the first Scottish regiments raised
in the seventeenth century, through Humanity’s expansion to the stars in the
twenty-second century, through their reincarnation as the Kearny Highlanders
on Northwind in the twenty-fourth century, through the centuries of Succession
Wars and through today, no unit is more respected for its battlefield prowess
or tradition of excellence.

At the time of the Word of Blake Jihad, the Highlanders fielded five full
regiments. Only three partial regiments survived that crucible, and when
swords turned to plowshares during the demilitarization and formation of the
Republic, all but the First Kearny were decommissioned.

Though peace and prosperity have ruled for two generations, the men and
women of the First Kearny have maintained their expertise through grueling
training and a devotion to their legacy. More important, they have sworn an
oath that never again will they allow a catastrophe like the Jihad to occur. If
ever the Word of Blake rears its head again, they have vowed to see to its
immediate destruction.

       Veteran Unit: Northwind Fusiliers             
             Motto: "A New Tradition"

The Northwind Fusiliers were commissioned soon after the communications
grid was lost and rumors of war began to circulate. Although they were
originally intended only as a home guard for Northwind, Tara Campbell has
deployed them on numerous worlds in her effort to hold the Republic together.

Like the Republican Guards, the Northwind Fusiliers are a relatively new unit.
Unlike the Guards, however, not only is the entire officers’ corps taken from
the First Kearny, but most of its members are descended from the
decommissioned Second Kearny and Northwind Hussars regiments as well. As
a result, though the men and women of the Fusiliers had not actively engaged
in combat or formal training before the blackout, most of them had kept up the
military traditions of their forefathers as weekend warriors. Well-versed in the
theories of warfare, they transformed the Fusiliers from a wet-behind-the-ears
green unit into a solid line regiment much more quickly than Campbell had
believed possible.
       Green Unit: Republican Guards                         
       Motto: "For the Republic"

The Republican Guards are in essence a citizen’s militia. When Tara Campbell
assumed the post of Prefect, she quickly realized that many of the forces
formerly at the Prefect’s disposal had sided with various leaders, and fighting
had already broken out in the Prefecture.

Realizing she had no choice, she put out a call to every able-bodied man and
woman who was willing to fight for the ideals of Devlin Stone and the Republic,
which had given them so much peace and prosperity over the past several
decades. She received a torrent of responses, with many people simply
booking passage on the next DropShip to Northwind, landing on her doorstep
with nothing but the clothes on their backs and an old rifle that had been
gathering dust in their grandparents’ house for years.

This dedication has served them well, but regardless of their passion for the
cause of the Republic, they are a militia formed from people who recently were
tending children and desk jobs.
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