Leader: Duchess Katana Tormark
QUOTE: “The power of the Dragon is pure and unstoppable.”
               Leader: (Rebel Forces):
General Kurisota *
Quote: "We are the Republic's Fury!" *

Katana Tormark was the Prefect of Prefecture III before the loss of
communications. Because of her outstanding military prowess, she was offered
the incredible honor of becoming a Knight-Errant of the Republic. To the
shock of nearly everyone, she declined. Her family was high-ranking Kurita
nobility long before it joined Devlin Stone’s movement — a move Katana
openly feels was driven by her father’s loyalty to Stone rather than by his
family’s best long-term interests. It appears she never truly believed in the
Republic, and her staunch Bushido upbringing meant that she could not
accept such a post.

Tormark is an extremely aggressive samurai who sees an opportunity to build
a new, unified House Kurita from the ashes of the failed Republic and what she
sees as the aged and enfeebled Kurita of the current day. In pursuit of this
goal, she has stepped down from her Prefect responsibilities to concentrate on
building her power base.

We have always watched this warrior with great interest, as she comes from
one of our most honorable and powerful families. Her stated goal of unifying
the Draconis Combine is one that we obviously share, but we suspect her
ambitions do not end there. Given the chaos the communications blackout has
created in the Combine, however, we cannot press our agenda in Republic
space, nor could we attempt to do so without retribution from the other Houses
and Clans. For the moment Katana Tormark serves our purposes perfectly,
and the Dragon’s Fury and House Kurita are allied, but who knows what the
future will hold?

Rebel Forces: *
3137: General Kurisota and the forces loyal to him left the Dragon's Fury and
the Treachery that was Katana Tormak.  The General took easily a third of the
Dragon's Fury forces with him.  More than a mercenary organization but less
than a minor house Kurisota finds himself allied with a New Republic which he
is unable to contact.  Stranded and alone he moves his forces away from
House Kurita and their treachery.
3138: General Kurisota contacts General Tactius and a permanent alliance is
3139: Kurisota places his forces under Tactius.  Many call his forces
Republic's Fury.  Kurisota's mission is to find a new home for his forces and
destroy the traitor Tormark.

Military Details:

Elite Unit: Amaterasu                 
Motto: “Our Destiny Awaits.”      

Elite Unit (Rebel): Nanban *
Motto: "Nex Pro Inhonesto" *

This all-female regiment is named for one of the most important deities in
Japanese/Shinto mythology: Amaterasu, the goddess of the rising sun.
According to Shinto beliefs, the ancient enemy of Amaterasu is the storm god
Susa-No-Wo. Ironically, there is an elite House Kurita unit dedicated to Susa-
No-Wo so, depending on how strongly the Amaterasu believe in the deity they
are named after, the potential may exist for an unfortunate collision between
the Dragon’s Fury and House Kurita.

The Amaterasu Regiment is descended from one of our elite Sword of Light
regiments. When the Republic was founded, Coordinator Hohiro Kurita
donated the newly formed Ninth Sword of Light to Devlin Stone’s forces. From
this regiment, Stone organized three new elite units; one of these was the

Katana Tormark, who is descended from House Kurita nobility, was assigned
to train with the Amaterasu because of their Kurita connections. Tormark
insisted on using an assumed name while a member of the unit, and earned
the respect of her fellow warriors through her talents and ruthlessness rather
than her birth. As a result, the Amaterasu are fanatically loyal to Tormark.

Rebel Forces: *
Unlike their counter part this force is made up only of men.  And only the most
seasoned may be part of these units.  Of these ranks two men stand out
greater than the rest; NeHo Jachegama & Theron Wilson.  Largely untested
these units pride themselves on their saying; "Honor Over Death".  

Veteran Unit: Order of the Five Pillars  
Motto: "We Stand in Darkness"
Veteran Unit (Rebel):  The Broken *
Motto: "Slay the Dragon" *

This unique unit is labeled as a scouting and reconnaissance unit, but the
truth is much more sinister and confusing. Quoting from internal Dragon’s Fury
documents: “The Order of the Five Pillars (O5P) is descended from the
organization of the same name still found in House Kurita. A centuries-old
martial monastic order, the O5P is an extensive intelligence-gathering agency,
with its ‘monks’ schooled in the ancient teachings of the Ninja assassins. More
secretive than even House Kurita’s dreaded Internal Security Force, the O5P
often holds more loyalty toward its Keeper and Abbess than toward the
Coordinator of the Combine.”

The real truth is that on the Abbess’s direct orders, a small force of O5P
members followed Katana Tormark’s father into the Republic sixty years ago.
Katana Tormark has since molded the O5P into a more overt lethal force,
which she believes is loyal to her alone.

She keeps the O5P deliberately small; most candidates do not survive the
admission tests and training process. To prevent breaches in security, its
members are forbidden any type of relationship with people outside the Order.
Once they enter the O5P, they disappear from the world; the only way out is in
a coffin. With the recent fall of darkness over the Inner Sphere, Katana
Tormark must believe the Order is a key asset, due to its expertise in
operating in silence and shadow. Unfortunately, these same shadows raise
doubts about the unit’s true loyalties.

Rebel forces: *
This force is comprised entirely of warriors who fought against Tormark's
forces during The Escape.  They lost over half their numbers during the final
hours of the battle.  If it weren't for their sacrifice General Kurisota and the
rebel forces may not have escaped.  They are slow to admit any new members
to The Broken.  They have shed their heritage and embraced the Republic
ways completely.  They have adopted Latin as their official language and no
longer accept their heritage.  Many new recruits seek to enter their ranks but
the tests a new recruit must pass are so stringent that few pass them, and
many do not survive.  The AeroSpace pilots and fighters of the Republic's
Fury come solely from this regiment, making this unit possibly more valuable
than the Elite Nanban regiment.

Green Unit: The Brotherhood
Motto: "Our Legacy Is Our Honor"

Green Unit: Flame Guards *                        
Motto: "For the Republic" *

Not a standard regiment per se but a collection of local militia, frightened
farmers and opportunistic adventurers, the Brotherhood represents the
majority of the Kurita-motivated forces in the Republic’s Rimward Prefecture.
For the past two generations these people have thought of themselves as
citizens or inhabitants of the Republic, not as members of House Kurita.
Katana Tormark knew that to win the upcoming military conflicts, she must first
win the people’s loyalty. The Brotherhood was an important part of that plan,
because it was designed to make every small group on each planet feel that
they were part of something larger, something ancient and powerful. To
accomplish this, Tormark cobbled together a fabricated history from half a
dozen real Kurita regiments that would make all participants feel unified and
proud. She did not pretend that the Brotherhood was an elite unit, for she
knew its members would realize the truth. Instead, she created a unit that had
connections all through Kurita territory and that was present and well-
accounted for in almost every important battle throughout Kurita history.
Surprisingly, this unit has lived up to its manufactured legacy, racking up an
impressive number of victories. This astute psychological ploy demonstrates
that Tormark has already matured into a true leader; she will be either very
valuable or very dangerous to the Combine.

Rebel forces: *
This force is comprised of the citizens that fled during the conflict (those who
refused to follow Tormark and her corrupt ways), and academy graduates who
saw the Republic as a bastion of freedom and honor.  Because of their lack of
training there are very few 'Mech pilots in this regiment.  Many have opted to
become support staff.  This is where the majority of the repair technicians,
medical staff, and maintenance crews are pulled from during battles.
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