Deandra Lowe
1 December 3135
A little xenoparanoia from Hand of Starling:

Okay, people, time for another blog.

My two compatriots don't seem to want to spend much time on this,
but it's driving me certifiable. Why, oh, why isn't anyone else worried
about this? It's the coming apocalypse, I tell ya, and no one's paying
Although the media appears to be ignoring it, I've got some inside
people tossing me what they can. And let me tell ya, that's saying
something, 'cause this stuff is locked up tighter than Danai's real birth
date (much less her virginity).

So, HarJel. Everybody and their dog know what it is: sticky, gooey
black stuff that Clan Sea Fox has a lock on tighter than a Lyran fist
around a c-bill. Helps to turn Clan battle armor troopers "their
Elementals" into super soldiers: stops up wounds, helps to seal rends in
armor, you get the vid. It's also used on Clan WarShips to seal hull
breaches. Which is where the nut jobs on Solaris VII got the idea for
BattleMech HarJel a couple of decades back. Sure, they made it work,
but come on, how many battles really happen underwater? I tell ya, not
enough. So the expense doesn't cut it and the bean counters say no,
and it remains a hot number for the insanely rich noble brat to install on
his family's heirloom, before he walks it back into the stall in their
private museum.

Then out of the blue, we get the HarJel II Auto-Repair System,
supposedly fully developed in some dark Republic lab and currently
deploying with elite Republic troops. You can't seriously buy into that.
This isn't some evolution from HarJel to HarJel II. The HJIIARS is
revolutionary” light-years ahead of HarJel. From what I can dig up, it
actually initiates minor 'Mech repairs on the fly.

On the fly!

People, do you understand what that means? Can you say AI?!

Anybody remember something called the First Star League? When two
centuries of peace and all the efforts of humanity resulted in the semi-
autonomous AI Caspar drones. Those computers were also able to
enact repairs. And yet that took the combined might of the best and
brightest of humanity, except it was enacted only on a WarShip-sized
scale. And we've not touched it since. Sure, the toasters dabbled and
came up with some unique surprises, but theirs were evolutionary
movements. Got no problems with that.

This?! This is something totally different. Self-repairing 'Mechs?!
Come on, people. Wake up and smell the deception. You really think
The Republic cooked this up? No way; this is something else. This is
AI, if not nanotechnology! And that's not coming from anywhere in the
Inner Sphere, people. The technology's just too far, too much, too

Only one word for it, people. One word. Aliens!

I'll fill you all in on my next blog with how aliens have infiltrated our
society from top to bottom and are making us dependent on their
technology; you wait, people, this "Republic" tech is gonna start
appearing in other Houses and Clans before I can say "I told ya so".
And in the end, that will be the Achilles heel to topple humanity in our
gravest hour!

See ya next time.

- Hand of Starling
Lost Records of Deandra Lowe Dec 1 3135
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