Leader: Coordinator Theodore Kurita
Capital: Luthien
Founded: 2319

Perhaps the most aggressive of the Successor States, the Draconis Combine was founded by Shiro Kurita, an
accomplished statesman and a ruthless conqueror.  Shiro embraced and embodied bushido, the "way of the
warrior," and lived this philosophy by forging a realm notable both for its cultured civil order and its military

Of all the armies of the Inner Sphere, none is as universally feared and respected as that of House Kurita's
Draconis Combine and its Mustered Soldiery (the DCMS).  With fighting skills learned in the finest academies
and tempered by the ancient code of bushido, the MechWarriors of the DCMS know no equals in skill.  They
also have made a name for themselves in butchery, most memorably the 2796 massacre of the population of
Kentares IV.

Following the destruction of Clan Smoke Jaguar by a multi-national force fielded by the renascent Star League,
Clan Nova Cat forged an alliance with the Draconis Combine and now occupies its Irece Prefecture.
Draconis Combine Space
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