After Action Reports (Listed by Scenario)
Zombie Daze
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It all began that horrible night at the Halloween Party... Marcus,
Jack and I thought it was going to be a great evening, and then all
hell broke loose and the world changed forever.

Follow these companions' journeys as they struggle to survive.  
You'll also be able to download these missions and use them in your
own games.   
Day 1: Halloween Party (Not played yet)
After Action Reports
Day 3: The Beginning (Not played yet)
Day 5: In search of the Rents (Not played yet)
Day 7: New Horrors Emerge (Not played yet)
Day 17: Air Strike! (Not written up yet)
Day 18: Horrors of Hillsdale (Not played yet)
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Day 37: Low on supplies (Not written up yet)
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