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How big is my figure?
Recently, I wanted to go find out just how big a figure was.  Here's the scale that I found.  CBT mins are
about 6mm tall.  The actual scale is 1:285th.  Here's a comparison of sizes.
Today is January 18, 2007
...and I've joined the Battlecorps! Strike
up the band! You are now part of the
Corps!!! welcomes its newest
recruit into the rank and file of the
internet's most dynamic BattleTech
community. With the successful
completion of this registration process,
you are now eligible for the many benefits
of BattleCorps membership including:

Our monthly publication of new fiction set
in the Classic BattleTech universe

The BattleCorps news wire service,
bringing the Inner Sphere to you

A complete art gallery with the latest and
greatest in Classic BattleTech art

Forums for keeping in touch with the
community at large

Membership also grants access to the
great products and prizes we routinely
bring our subscribers, and to special
BattleCorps events that may be planned.

There is nothing limiting the growth and
reach of the BattleCorps community. As
we continue to expand and add new
features, we look forward to your input
and involvement. Exciting times are ahead.
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